Here’s your peculiar company information of the afternoon.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned on Friday that it has ceased the trading of the company named Neuromama. The organization features a market-cap of about $35 thousand with stocks valued at $56.25 a share prior to the stop.

As Bloomberg News observed, industry top of the organization might allow it to be more important written down than Tesla and Delta Airlines.

the sole situation, in line with the SEC, is, properly, just about everything regarding the corporation.

From Your SEC statement:

“The Fee briefly suspended trading while in the investments of NERO as a result of problems concerning the reliability and adequacy of data available about, among other items, the personality of the folks in control of the company’s businesses and administration, untrue promises to corporation investors and/or prospective people the corporation comes with an application imminent for record to the NASDAQ Stock-Market, and probably tricky deals while in the company’s investment.”

Therefore quick recap: individuals working the company could be impostors, the organization is laying about probably being stated around the Nasdaq, as well as the investment might have been manipulated.

Jump to the company’s companies, and points appear even weirder. Here’s a short explanation of exactly what the company promises to possess:

  • A searchengine.
  • NeuroZone, which it explains as “a clone of Amazon and EBAY.”
  • The current order of the “small collection of entertainments possessions composed of 65 Punk Community television shows and show shows. In another of these videos the principle celebrity is Vanessa Williams …. before she was famous.” the internet site later identifies these leisure possessions as “our Fort Knox.”
  • NeuroMANIA-branded packet-and-mortar stores.
  • “NeuroPad, NeuroPhone and NeuroBook, the type of computers and cellular-kind units distributed under NEURO brand.” Notice: The photograph of the goods seems like an older-technology iPhone, iPad and Samsung phone.
  • some kind of leisure enterprise in Nevada termed the “Eurasia.”
  • concert events, a number of which attribute “Popular European artist Vladimir Kuzmin who’ll expand the company’s reputation giving free NeuroPads to Russian orphans.
  • the organization supports 600 patents, 500 which are ended from the NeuroMama’s entry, however it is uncertain what these patents apply to.
  • The “Heavy Ion Synthesis,” which purports to become developing nuclear fusion, a solution, better method of providing atomic electricity. A supportive between eight nations, like the people, China, Asia, Asia, as well as the EU, and others, has nevertheless to make this happen target after spending more than $15 thousand around the task.

the organization provides practices in eight destinations from Nevada to Sydney, Australia. The organization hasn’t submitted any monetary data with all the SEC since its regular leads to Jan 2014 for your quarter closing in March 2013.

because declaration, Neuromama stated $1,081 in income available and $18.26 million in “intangible assets” as it’s only possessions. It stated no income along with a damage in the last seven weeks of $500,811.

ever since then, the company has gotten numerous alerts from the SEC and updates of its failure to document financial files.

The SEC stated that it’s halted trading of the investment until June 26.