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Employee Assistance Programs

An employee assistance program is an employee benefit that supports employees in times of trouble. It helps with personal issues that may affect their work, performance, health, and well-being. Employees who receive assistance from the program often feel a sense of relief. They often have access to a 24-hour nurse, confidential support, and longer-term resources. If you or a co-worker are struggling with a mental health issue, consider an employee assistance program. Peer support Employers [...]

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Where could I find a abroad studies consultant?

Therefore you're thinking about studying abroad. You are the type of person who constantly claims against the notion of learning the other language when you can do something practical instead. Well, I have great news for you - studying abroad does not necessarily require you to learn another language. In fact, language is not even an important part of studying abroad! You could choose to examine a new hobby, game, literature or history. Study Abroad [...]

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