Author: Deborah Jones

Small Businesses Should Choose an Open Source For Their SQL Financial Accounting Import Form

SQL Financial accounting is a versatile tool that can help you in various ways. This is especially useful for those who run small to medium scale business organizations. With the support of these modules, your small/medium sized business can become more agile and streamlined in its functioning thus becoming more efficient in terms of providing superior results in terms of income generation. This is because it helps you with: -- Budgeting, Sales, Marketing, Finance & [...]

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Malaysian Branding Agency

Pinar Delfin is the head of the most prominent Malaysian branding agency. Pinar is a man who has earned the nickname Pinar has been an integral player in the advertising agency scene in Malaysia for a long time. His penchant for innovation and creativity has enabled Pinar to establish his own company as well as manage a successful international consultancy firm for marketing in Malaysia. The innovative way he approaches business is what has helped [...]

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An Exclusive Day in Klossoms – Meet and Greet

This article is about the "RE retreat on the island of Kl." This article will share my experience of getting the best value for money during a three-day retreat in Kl. This is not a commercial. I just want to talk about my experiences of taking such a risk. Once I got past all the technical details I'm confident that you'll think this was one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. It was [...]

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Web Design Services for Business Websites

Web Designers and graphic designers are not the only team that is involved in building a website; there are many other teams in the web development process. Your website is successful only because it is built on your specifications and conversion goals. Designers are not only web designers; they are also experts in visual user experience, including optimizing your website to increase conversion rate. Before you hire a website design company in Kuala Lumpur (KL), [...]

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Career in Event Agency Management – Malaysia

Event Agency Malaysia, also known as Event Management, is a non-profit, integrated client-focused organization. It offers a variety of services, including the following: What does an event agency Malaysian offer? Well, just like any good professional firms, they provide a host of services for their clients, which includes event planning, management and consulting. Apart from this, an event agency Malaysian also helps its clients in the implementation of business strategies. To increase sales, it uses [...]

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